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  • Yoga Matte

    Bali with Milla Monteiro

    We filmed this short mood video with the wonderful Milla Monteiro on Bali’s rough and beautiful westcoast. “You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a waves is something that the whole ocean is doing.”

  • Yoga Matte

    How are Mahi Malas blessed?

    How are Mahi malas blessed? Bali is not mistakenly called the “island of the gods”. This island’s connection to the spirit world has not been broken, even in modern times. For a Balinese person, life is an offering full of ritual and prayer.

  • Cape Town Beach Yoga
    Yoga Matte

    Cape Town Beach Yoga

    We would love to show you some some inspiring beach yoga drone footage that we filmed at one of our favorite places: Cape Town’s wild beaches.

  • Meditate Mahi Yoga
    Yoga Matte

    Why meditate?

    Why meditate? Meditation has been used for thousands of years to quiet the mind and has many physical calming benefits.It can be helpful in releasing stress and anxious thoughts, and will bring you to a more visible level of awareness and consciousness.

  • Sunset Vibes
    Yoga Matte

    Sunset Vibes

    We filmed this short mood video in Cape Town with the beautiful Jelena Sequoia on a quite summer evening during our last trip to South Africa.

  • A Yogis Guide To Rishikesh
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    What is a mantra?

    A mantra, traditionally, is a Sanskrit phrase or sound that is repeated to provide a way for concentration in your meditation practice. Only repeating a phrase or word? Yes, it’s that simple.

  • What are rudraksha seeds?
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    What are rudraksha seeds?

    Rudraksha is an ancient seed that literally translate to The Eyes of Shiva. This seed has been used in mala making for thousands of years.

  • Three Spectrum Mala
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    What is a mala?

    Malas come in all different forms and shapes just like the humans that use them. They have been around since ancient times and are traditionally referred to as prayer beads. Their use can be found in various spiritual traditions that cultivate meditation practice.

  • A Yogis Guide to Chiang Mai
    Yoga Matte

    A Dakini’s Guide to Kathmandu

    A DAKINI'S GUIDE TO KATHMANDU Take the hand of Norwegian Sage and let her guide you into the beating heart of the Himalayas, revealing some of the sanctuaries that have led her closer to her inner dakini spirit. "Kathmandu will cast a spell on you, revealing layer after layer, the deeper you immerse yourself in her presence.