Three Spectrum Mala


Questions related to our malas

Who can wear a mala?

You can wear a mala! Anyone can wear a mala, and we sincerely hope that more people will join in this movement. Mahi malas are loved by people from every walk of life.

When or where can I wear a mala?

Wear your mala throughout your busy day, or glide each bead through your hand during meditation and self-reflection. We do recommend that you take it off during any strenuous activities though, to make sure that it stays safe and in tact!

How can I use my mala?

Your mala can be a very wonderful tool in your modern life. It can be used as a physical reminder to take a moment to reflect or as a meditation medium. The mala can also be used to express your intentions, lifestyle, or personality. The unique gemstones and powerful rudraksha used in our malas work to produce positive energies that surround you throughout your everyday life.

What's so unique about Mahi Malas?

Mahi malas are created with tradition, intention and love. We use traditional methods of stringing and blessing each mala, and utilize the finest gemstones and rudraksha seeds. We purposefully pair each malas pieces to enhance the natural powers of each stone. Most importantly, our vision at Mahi is to share the mala love and our appreciation of meditation with you, in the hopes that we can become a global community of artisans and adventurers, and not just a mala provider.

Why do you use rudraksha?

We use rudraksha for it’s strong healing properties and symbolic nature. Rudraksha is regarded as an ancient tree born from the tears of Shiva, and these small blueberry-like seeds have long been used in traditional mala making. Rudraksha provides an energizing and protective field that is believed to carry mind and the body healing properties.

From where is your rudraksha harvested?

All rudraksha seeds used in our malas are sustainably harvested and fairly traded from a very special region upon the island of Java, Indonesia. This area of Java is revered as the best source of rudraksha in the world and has produced these high quality seeds for many generations.

How do you select your gemstones?

We pair gemstones very intentionally in order to bring out the unique healing properties that we believe them to behold. Each mala design is at once unique, powerful and aesthetically pleasing.

Why are there 108 beads upon each mala?

The number 108 has very important significances in meditation. The sums of this number signify the earth’s proximity to the sun and moon; thus, it fundamentally represents the tie between the universe and all of us. There are so many important symbolisms found within 108, and its beauty is that we can interpret and value it in our own unique ways.

Will my mala look like the one in the photos?

Our malas are hand made using specific tradition and design based specifications and will look much like the photos. Please remember that each stone and seed is unique and that colors and sizes of seeds will vary ever so slightly between malas.

Can I return my mala?

We do allow the return or exchange of unworn, tagged malas within 14 days of delivery. Please click here for more information on our return policy

Do you offer custom malas? Can you alter the length?

At this time we do not offer alterations or custom malas. Lengths differ on each mala due to the unique size and shape of the gemstones or rudraksha. Length specifications can be found within the description of each mala and cannot be changed. We do hope that you find one or two or five (we won’t judge) malas that will fit your unique specifications and intentions.