Our Story

MA:HI (Sanskrit: The Great, Earth Goddess)

MA:HI is the first design-driven artistic Yoga brand that blends fashion-forward cutting edge aesthetics with sustainability, creating beautiful yoga & meditation essentials such as eco friendly yoga mats, cutting edge yoga wear and blessed contemporary malas. MA:HI was founded in 2017 by contemporary artist Ole Ukena and fashion designer husband and wife duo Kim and Rik Fiddické. Here at MA:HI we want to make yoga and meditation approachable.

There is no good or bad yogi or meditator, its all about showing up. Again and again. We welcome you to look at your spiritual journey like an art piece in progress – one stroke at a time and we will be there to help, encourage and inspire you.

MA:HI offers the tools and inspiration to live a balanced, mindful, adventurous, healthy and creative Yoga and Meditation lifestyle.”


Because images can say more than a thousand words we would like to invite you to go on a journey to Bali together with us in this short video. We will show you how we design create our MA:HI products.


A couple of years ago, we were three friends working hard to build successful careers in the fashion industry and the art world. We worked crazy hours and traded time for paper. Don’t get us wrong, we were passionate about what we were doing, but something was missing. We felt like we needed more food for thought, more clarity, more meaning, more freedom and adventure, more constant change. We wanted to create positive impact with our business while living a simplified, healthy and courageous life, organically connecting personal and work life. The short version is: We moved to Bali, met amazing teachers and artisans, got hooked on Yoga, deepened our own spiritual practice, kept drinking lots of coffee and started MA:HI.


Today we maneuver between 4 continents: Asia, Africa, South America and Europe with Bali as our base. We work closely together with Putu and Nyoman, 3rd generation silver smiths. Yoga and meditation keeps us grounded and calms our minds while our travels keep us inspired. We want to share the tools and inspiration with you to bring more happiness and mindfulness into your life. We want to live sustainable entrepreneurship and build a strong community around MA:HI – inspire and be inspired.


We have always been fascinated and intrigued by the Balinese ceremonies and rituals. A very special ceremony is the energetic activation of objects by a high priest. MA:HI Malas are blessed and activated by Bali’s only female water priestess. The malas are sprinkled with holy water, then mantras are chanted, infusing them with energy. This would allow the owner of the mala later to carry something with them that, on a physical and energetic level, give them something to remind them of their path.


We are in this for the long run! This is our passion project, our one true shot at making a living with something that we truly love while doing good and inspiring others. We will continue to team up with amazing teachers to create beautiful content to guide you towards implementing more yoga and meditation bliss into your life. We will share our moments, adventures and experiences travelling the globe. Our mission is to create truly meaningful products with amazing stories behind them that bring value to your life and support you in your spiritual practice.


MA:HI is known for its artistic handmade prints and blessed Malas.

MA:HI Malas are a one-of-kind piece of jewelry, carefully blessed by Bali’s high priestess, made with the finest locally-sourced stones and gems. They are beautiful spiritual tools used to reactivate the ancient technology of meditation as a pathway to self-knowing.

We believe in spreading positivity, so we inhale positive energy into every single product that we create.

Our prints are designed in timeless earthy hues and shades, influenced by organic structures and surfaces. We create our prints as mixed media collages, using paint brushes, markers and computers as tools. We combine clean symmetry with the organic and the chaotic. Our designs shall stimulate emotions of calmness and serenity. By using materials and cooperating with manufacturers that adhere to strict guidelines, we are able to make our products in a way we can all feel good about. In our eyes good design has the least impact on nature.

Our products are useful companions on your own spiritual journey and supporting your personal practice while our blog connects you to a wider community of likeminded people, teachers and explorers of consciousness that keep you inspired. Let’s go on this journey together!

Our mission:


“We support and celebrate your efforts to get wiser, more balanced, flexible and stronger – physically and mentally”

Thank you!