Octavio Salvado Introduces You To Mantra Chanting

In this 5 minute class Octavio Salvado from The Practice Bali will give you an easy to understand, inspiring introduction into Mantra chanting.

Start small! Find a quite physical space for your daily pratice, choose a certain time to meditate and make mantra chanting a habit, a routine.

Octavio will give you an easy approach to some beautiful basic Mantras to get you started right away.

We created this video for those of you that want to get an insight into Mantra Chanting. We hope to inspire you to start your daily routine, to become more still and balanced.

When you are on Bali make sure to visit one of Octavio’s classes at The Practice Bali.

Location: Canggu / Bali

You will learn:

  • -how to approach mantra meditation as a beginner
  • -how to start your mantra meditation practice and make it a regular practice