Meditation, Mantra & Malas

Excursion Into Meditation With Octavio Salvado

Octavio Salvado from The Practice Bali will give you a great introduction to meditation in this 20 minute tutorial.

“Yoga and meditation is one and the same thing. Asana is simply just a part of Yoga, meditation is the complete flowering of Yoga.“

Octavio will introduce you to the basics of meditation, talks about the three levels /sections of meditation (Dharana, Dhyana and Samadi) before introducing you to mantra and japa mala beads.

This video is made for you when you are curious about meditation but have plenty of questions and don’t know yet how to get started.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as we enjoyed filming it!

When you are on Bali make sure to visit one of Octavio’s classes at The Practice Bali.

Location: Canggu / Bali

Learn About:

  • stages of meditation (Dharana, Dhyana, Samadi)
  • meditation basics
  • mantra
  • japa mala beads