• Higher Self Bracelet
  • Higher Self Bracelet

Higher Self Bracelet



For this bracelet we pair lapis lazuli gemstones with angelite gemstones and a genuine Javanese rudraksha seed.

Lapis lazuli is a harmonizer, creating a strong relationship with your inner self. Balancing your stress levels, lapis lazuli supports you to create a path towards inner peace. Lapis lazuli is a powerful gemstone for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability.

Angelites are known for raising a state of pure conscious awareness and encourages to walk the path of forgiveness.

Chose between size S and size M. Our bracelets are made from high quality elastic for easy fit.

After the bracelet is created, the youngest High Priestess of Bali, conducts a blessing ceremony that is both deep and very beautiful. This ceremony is closely linked to ancient teachings, and includes the energetic activation of the malas and bracelets by blessing them with mantras, a sequence of symbolic movements, Balinese offerings and spiritually charged water.

-chakra: Throat
-lapis lazuli is the birthstone for people born in December
-angelite is the birthstone for people born in February
-soothing areas of inflammation and regulating the thyroid
-balancing stress levels
-raises a state of consciousness
-balancing thymus and thyroid
-unblocks meridians
-2 small handmade high polished brass beads



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