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  • Sun Power Mala
  • Sun Power Mala

Sun Power Mala



For this mala we combine sun stones and rudraksha seeds.

The Sun stone is well known for enhancing vitality and empowerment. The sun as life-giving energy to mankind and nature symbolizes dynamism and passion in our daily lives. Rudraksha  is considered to be a spiritual bead used since ancient time for increasing spiritual power, self confidence, courage and for building positive attitude.

By pairing sun stones with rudrakshas we create a shield against negative energies and depressive unbalances.

The Sun Power mala features a small handmade brass Balinese Om charm, that symbolizes the root of all sounds. Before the beginning, there was the vibration, that eventually became a sound – OM (Aum).

We chose white as the cotton tassel colour as white has the equal balance of all colours of the spectrum, representing the positive and the negative, guiding us to pure wholeness.

After the mala is created, the youngest High Priestess of Bali, conducts a blessing ceremony that is both deep and very beautiful. This ceremony is closely linked to ancient teachings, and includes the energetic activation of the malas by blessing them with mantras, a sequence of symbolic movements, Balinese offerings and spiritually charged water.

-chakra: solar plexus
-sun stone is the birthstone for people born in March
-supporting the digestive system
-against anxiety and depressions
-high polished brass Balinese `Om´ sign charm
-handmade high polished brass dharma wheel pendant 
-100% cotton tassels
-10 small handmade high polished brass beads



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