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  • A Yogi's Guide to Canggu
    Yoga Matte

    A Yogi’s Guide to Canggu

    “Canggu is a culturally fascinating melting pot, a creative hub that brings together all different kinds of humans with various backgrounds and lifestyles.  “

  • A Yogi's Guide to Ubud
    Yoga Matte

    A Yogi’s Guide to Ubud

    “Ubud is medicine, but only for those that come to dig deeper and cross that river with an open mind and an adventurous heart and are able to dance within the dualities of shadow and light, expectations and reality, poison and medicine.”

  • A Yogis Guide to Chiang Mai
    Yoga Matte

    A Dakini’s Guide to Kathmandu

    A DAKINI'S GUIDE TO KATHMANDU Take the hand of Norwegian Sage and let her guide you into the beating heart of the Himalayas, revealing some of the sanctuaries that have led her closer to her inner dakini spirit. "Kathmandu will cast a spell on you, revealing layer after layer, the deeper you immerse yourself in her presence.